This morning i received my chameleon like 1 hr.ago.This is my first chameleon i own. This is the coolest chameleon and I am verry happy with my pet. Thanks

Inocente Salinas

I got a few chameleons back in the first week of October from you guys and they are doing GREAT!

Courtney King

Hey, all I can say is WOW!! We received a small Veiled chameleon from you guys that has shed three times since we received, has caused me to order crickets direct and is now larger that our Fischer’s. What a time we are having with ‘Rango’ named by my Grandaughter. I want to thank you guys for a job well done. Rango took to his new home immediately and is living the dream!

Dave, Val and our granddaughter Lucy

Hello! Hope all is well! Thank you so much for sending us our beautiful boy! I was so excited, I couldn’t sleep, and we were tracking where he was since the time he left! I’m in Colorado, and we ordered him late Tuesday, shipped Wednesday afternoon, and got him home Thursday monring at 10am. He’s so cute! I got him out of the deli cup, and went to put him back into it so I could take him to his new cage, but he wouldn’t go! He kept climbing further up onto me til he was on my shoulder and we were walking toward his cage! We just lost our other veiled chameleon about a month ago, so having gone from an adult to one a few inches is extreme, but it’s nice having another little friend again! Thank you all so much! Sincerely, Mondona and Roberto

Mondona and Roberto

Got the Chameleon! He is beautiful! Has been eating very well already. Thank you very much!

Stefan Rausch

Got the veiled chameleons they look good so far the male is eating and drinking the female the same. The male veiled is healthy looking I cant wait til his colors come in. Thank you for the order and I look forward to doing more busniess. Thank you again.

Bryan Taylor

Mike, The juvenile veiled chameleon looks great! Arrived this morning and his already eating and hydrating. His name is Thor. He is already bright green after an hour and is loving his cage and climbing and is exercising constantly while exploring. Thanks!

Ryan Kiehart

Thank you so much, we received him today and just adore the little guy!! We have named him Merlin and he has shed his skin already. Merlin is eating, and drinking from the water drip. Thank you!!

Kelly Folse

Just wanted to let you know I received the Chameleon this morning! He looks beautiful and is already eating great!Thank you!!!

Eric Lind

Hey Mike,Got my veiled chameleon yesterday thanx! He arrived in great shape and is moving all over his cage.Thanx again Mike and if possible. I’ll be getting another chameleon from you. I already have friends interested!

Bob Rippin

We recieved the Dude, hes amazing, looks healthy, already drinking and is basking in his cage.

Steve Safir

Hi. I received my male juvenile veiled chameleon about 5 days ago. Just wanted to let you know that I’m very happy with him. He is gorgeous! He arrived safe and sound and with a very healthy appetite. He was eating within the first couple minutes of being in his new home. Also, thanks for answering my questions on the phone. I appreciate your help and service, and will recommend you to anyone who is looking for a chameleon.

Michael Hansen

I just wanted to let you know that the chameleons arrived in good shape and are now hale and hearty in their cages.

Nate Adkins

I have her in a nice cage with many plants and plenty of light/heat lamp space. Around 10pm she was eating her crickets out of my wife’s hands.Thank you for providing us with the perfect pet we are so excited to have her in our lives.

Lisa Hawley

Hi Mike! Just wanted to let you know Walter AKA ‘Sweetness’ has arrived safely. He’s eaten 9 smallish crickets and had lots to drink. Seems to be settling in nicely Thanks.

Debra Swingholm

Hi Mike,Just want to let you know that the baby Newton’s Veiled Chameleon arrived to Spartanburg, SC safe and sound!He was wide awake when I opened his box!Thanks so much!We love our new addition to our collection of exotics!!

Maureen Wilkie

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