We offer a nice selection of Mt. Meru Dwarf Jackson’s Chameleons for sale here at FL Chams. Mt. Meru Jacksons are the smallest of the 3 sub species. Dwarf Jacksons are notably smaller and allows you to keep them in a smaller enclosure such as our small or medium complete setups. Jacksons Chameleons are the modern day Triceratops with their three horns. Jacksons Chameleons are one of the 3 hardiest chameleon species available on the market. Jacksons Chameleons are a montane species of chameleon that prefers cooler temperatures. Under Chameleon Info checkout Jackson Chameleon Basics for more detailed information.

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Mt. Meru Dwarf Jackson’s Chameleon (Chamaeleo (Trioceros) jacksonii merumontana)

We have some gorgeous Mt.Meru Dwarf Jackson’s Chameleons for sale. This is the perfect Jackson’s Chameleon for a smaller setup. They only grow to around 7 to 8 inches total length. They are native to Mt. Meru located in Tanzania … Read More

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