FLChams-FamilyI have been interested in reptiles for most of my life. From the age of 7, I used to collect various local herps for a reptile distributor in my area. The major influence in my life when it came to reptiles came through a local reptile store in the Fort Myers area called Gulf Coast Reptiles. Chris and Sheila McQuade really took the time and inspired my love for all things reptiles. I credit much of my passion for this hobby to Chris McQuade and his knowledge of herpetology. One Christmas he gave me a copy of The Completely Illustrated Atlas of Reptiles and Amphibians for the Terrarium. I cannot tell you how many times as a kid I went through that book. He took time in the evenings and after work to help cultivate the passion I had for reptiles. I was blessed as a child to have such a great reptile mentor in my life. Thank you Chris! I spent much of my childhood herping around Southwest Florida. Naturally, through my collecting, I was able to build up funds to support keeping a collection of my own consisting of a wide range of reptile species. I had my first chameleon at the age of 8 years old.

I have been seriously keeping chameleons for approximately 15 years now. Stemming from a collection of a few veiled chameleon and panther chameleons, I have worked with a number of species, including Ch. quadricornis, Ch. deremensis, Ch. jacksonii merumontanus, Ch. jacksonii xantholophus, Ch. cristatus, Ch. wiedersheimi, Ch. montium, Ch. rudis, Ch. biaeniatus, B. fischeri fischeri, B. fischeri multituberculatum, B. tavetanum, F. Cephalolepis, C. parsonii parsonii, R. spectrum, R. temporalis, R. nchisiensis, R. brevicaudatus, B. superciliaris and B. thieli. I’m thrilled to have successfully hatched many of these species.

I work with a large number of exquisite panther and veiled chameleons. I also find the more commonly WC species to be equally rewarding. You often see a lot of fresh imports available and rarely see the babies of those species available. My goal is to provide CB or CH chameleons to individuals that prefer to work with captive chameleons not too commonly seen.

I am fortunate enough to work with chameleons as one of my hobbies and enjoy being able to facilitate that hobby with others. Chameleons are an ever growing fascination of mine. My love of photography and chameleons are a perfect mix. You can truly see the hand of God in these fascinating creatures. Their individual characteristics and wide array of colors makes each one unique.

I will always strive to provide the best possible quality of chameleons for sale.