Translucent Veiled Chameleons are one of very few chameleon morphs ever offered for sale. This morph was discovered in the wild and first reproduced in Europe. We acquired the first few specimens to come into the country and were the first to successfully breed them here in the US. We have introduced wild bloodlines to keep the genetics strong. They have the most interesting looks with some showing very high levels of translucency, white, black and even pink coloration. The normal colors are also very fluorescent in this veiled chameleon morph.

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Low Color Translucent Baby Veiled Chameleons

We have a handful of lower visibilty translucent veiled chameleons for sale. You will notice the clear and white parts in the feet of the chameleons. Bred with a high translucent veiled chameleon you will produce some of the higher … Read More

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