West Usambara Two Horned Fischers Chameleons are offered for sale from time to time here at FL Chams. These chameleons are the more common of the 3 sub species. These have almost a digital pattern in their skin. The males have two rostral process on their face and have that long monkey tail as well. These chameleons are very unique chameleons from the country of Tanzania in Africa. These chameleons are a montane chameleon that prefers temperatures in the low to mid 70’s as a daytime high. They typically require cooler temperatures and plenty of hydration due to the frequent dew and rainfall in the regions they are native to. They have very similar requirements to that of a Jacksons Chameleon. Read our Jackson Chameleon Basics sheet for detailed information.

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West Usambara Two-horned Fischers Chameleon (Kinyongia multituberculata)

We have a few pairs of West Usambara Two-Horned Chameleons (Standard Fischers Chameleons) for sale. These are one of the most unique chameleons. Their rostral process is incredible. These are one of my favorite chameleon species. They’re tail is almost … Read More

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