I ordered a chameleon, for my little boy’s 10th birthday, from a less reputable company to save a couple bucks. Big mistake. I got HORRIBLE customer service and a call from my credit card company the next day telling me that the card I used to buy the chameleon had a fraud alert due to unauthorized usage. Possibly a coincidence but who knows. After not receiving my chameleon when promised 10:30am next day, I called ‘___________’ customer service number about 20 times. No answer. I gave them about 4 hours to return my call before cancelling the order. I then called Mike at ‘FL Chams’. He actually sounded glad to hear a customer calling. We spoke for a few minutes and determined the best chameleon for my son. I ordered it late in the day around 4:15 and Mike rushed the order out to me so it would be here for my son’s birthday. It arrived as promised and in great condition. We opened the box and out came a beautiful chameleon who proceeded to climb all over my son. He said ‘This was my best birthday ever.’ Many thanks to Mike for going above and beyond. You made a little boy very happy! Don’t look anywhere else for your next chameleon! FL Chams is the place to call.

Greg Spradling

Hey Mike,I just got my little baby male veiled chameleon. He is so adorable! I am so pleased. Thank you so much for him! Can’t wait to see how he looks when he grows up!

Emily Bierstedt

The Chameleon made it safe and sound. He’s enjoying his new home, eating and drinking, active and alert.

Gary Hagan

We just got our baby chameleon! Of course I had doubts and concerns having a chameleon shipped from Florida to Washington state, but he’s got beautiful colors, very healthy looking, eating, drinking and climbing all around his new home! He’s just perfect! I’m sure he will grow up to be as pretty as his daddy, Newton. Thank you so much.

Holly Smith

I had just recieved my jackson chameleon and he arrived perfectly! all curled up with his napkin, he slowly opened his eyes and crawled right into his cage. Thank you soo much!

Amanda Hoke

I was a little skeptical ordering from FL Chams. I live in Michigan, and was concerned about the cold, and travel. On Monday they emailed me confirming that my chameleon was going to be shipped that night. The next morning I had a knock at my door. The UPS man had the package, I opened the box and it was still nice and warm from the heat pack with the chameleon snuggled up in a nice container. After further examination I found that the chameleon was in perfect health straight limps, eyes wide open, vivid coat eager to explore its new home. I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased that I choose to take a little time and write this testimonial. I highly recommend FL Chams.

Sanel O’

Hello,I am in love withthe chameleon I purchased from you in late September of 2011! Right from the moment I received him in the mail I knew he was healthy and eager to explore his new home. I attached a photo of Zeratul to the email if you are curious to see the offspring of Sanders and Hunter’s bloodlines. If you have any promising clutches for the Nosy Be Panther Chameleons later in the year I would be interested in one. At first I was nervous ordering a chameleon to be shipped online, but I would order from your site anyday over picking up a chameleon at a local pet shop! Thanks,Josh Illencik

Joshua Illencik

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the amazing baby veiled chameleon I purchased. He truly is astonishingly beautiful! He already is starting to show some fantastic coloring and great markings! I chose to order from you because after several weeks of researching chameleon breeders and bloodlines you stood high above the rest and ur passion for these little guys is easily noticed and is truly inspiring. I could of gone with many different breeders that were cheaper, but I would never of come close to the quality cham I recieved from you, and for this I thank you! Thank you for not settling for the bare minimum and achieving such amazing treasures that you allowed me to share in! I cant wait til our next transaction! Again thank you for everything!

Chad Huthnance

Thank u for a nice little veiled chameleon. My son couldn’t be happier. If I’m ever in need of another chameleon for sale I will definitely order again from u guys.

Anthony Marsicano

Hi its me again…. this time I just want to say thank you for everything … I am very happy with my chameleon and very happy with your quick response to everything. Wish the best for your business.

Nestor Rodriguez

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! He arrived safe and sound a couple of hours ago. He is absolutely adorable.

Brenda Pike

Mike,The female Oustalet chameleon you sent me looks great!

Howard Bessen

Hello,I received my chameleon order this morning and everything went well. She is doing great and is already eating and drinking. She looks stunning even at such an early age.

Jon Nacion

Got him in today he looks fine. Seems to be in perfect condition. Hes just checking out his new home at the moment. Thanks for you services!

Jared Garcia

Thank you very much the chameleons are very adorable!!!! I’m just stunned!!!

Roland Rehearing

Thank you so very much for my extreme setup and juvenile male panther chameleon. He is such a healthy happy boy. He’s eating crickets and drinking like a champ. He has such a relaxed personality and already let’s me take him out of the cage a couple times a day to let him crawl on me. Lol. He loves to climb up my back and lay down on top of my head. I absolutely love him. Thanks again and I will for sure be a customer for life.

Ryan Miller

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