We received our veiled chameleon and he is gorgeous. He arrived in great conditions and is exploring his new home. Thank you for your wonderful customer service. We will keep you updated on his progress.

Randee Allen

This is Sam, the captive bred carpet chameleon male I purchased from you a few weeks ago. He is healthy and full of life! Colors or amazing. Thanks again!

Kim Pace

My Chameleon arrived safely he is precious and looks extremely healthy, after holding him for a few minutes he went to his cage had some water and is now stretched out in front of his light, he will be loved dearly. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

Linda Milstead

Hey, my order got here on Thursday morning as requested and I had to write you guys to tell you how impressed I was. The packaging was great and even though it was probably about 20 degrees outside when my chameleon got here he stayed warm, was bright green and practically leaping out of his container when I opened him up. Will definitely be a repeat customer if I need anything else, and will be gladly recommending you guys to anyone interested. Thanks again!

Ravi Patel

Thank you very much, received the Quadricornis chameleon a couple hours ago and he looks great! Healthy bright green and he is drinking and wandering his cage a bit!


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing veiled chameleon that I got from your site. You are the best in every way! I got one of Newtons veiled chameleon babies and he is only around 4 months old and showing incredible coloring. Here is a pic that I took today. Thank you so much again. You are the best chameleon breeder ever in my eyes

Nick C

I just wanted to tell you that all are doing well and I need to give you a special thanks for the female Maroantsetra panther chameleon. She’s a beauty!!!

Andrew Venable

Thank you very much, I did receive my chameleon and it is beautiful!

Alejandro Grau

Hi Michael,The chameleons arrived this morning and are settling in nicely. There are really awesome looking!!! Thanks for everything!

Alex Bennett

Mike, The Quadricornis chameleons is AWESOME!!!! Thanks again!

Andrew Venable

Michael, Just wanted to let you know that The male pygmy chameleon arrived at 9:45 am and was in fine shape.Thanks.

Nick Hall

Thanks for the bearded pygmy chameleons.They arrived early in the A.M. They are all hydrating and already eating. Thanks again!

Ed Moletz

Hello Mike, The chameleons are outstanding!!! The Female Oustalet Chameleon is wonderful in color. Mt Meru Jackson Chameleon is mint condition. Please always keep me in mind for a Massive Male Oustalets Chameleons !!! Thanks

Todd Bovino

Just wanted to say thank you for the chameleon. He is so cute and doing well in his new environment! It was a pleasure working with you vs. our first attempt at buying a chameleon through another company. We look forward to working more with you in the future!

Kari Smith

Thanks Mike for the pygmy chameleons. They are awesome! They all ate today.

Keith Buerkert

I just wanted to send a note saying thanks for super fast service. The carpet chameleon I ordered was delived early which was great and he was in great health. He was already eating a couple crickets the first day. Thanks again and you will definitely be getting more business from me in the future.

Gary Clarkson

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