I received my Veiled Chameleon today from Newton’s stock!!!! He is looking very well.

Eric Dennis

The veiled chameleon i received is in great shape. Thank you so much. Count on my business again.

Rees Gideon

Mike, I just wanted to let you know, I got a glass tank and everything else you said, they seem very happy and are doing very good. Thanks again. I appreciate your help. I’d recommend you to any one looking for a pygmy chameleon!

Jade Wolf

Hi I wanted to let you know i received The little guy on Tuesday morning. He was ready to get out of the Deli cup as fast I could open it. He appears to be doing well in his enclosure and is eating well! Just wanted to Say thanks and send you a picture of him. Thanks Ryan

Ryan Gleason

Our baby chameleon arrived alive and well this morning. He is so tiny and adorable. He’s getting acclimated to his new home right now.

Mark and Lisa Aggers

I received my pygmy chameleons today. They were in good shape, started drinking and exploring. Thank you very much for your prompt responses and transaction. I have a 2 year old male Jackson chameleon and will prob get him a female sometime in the future. I will surely come back to you. Thanks again!

Hanh Lam

I would like to take the time to tell you that I am very happy with the chameleon I orderd on sunday. He arrived in great health. I would like you to contact me when you get another batch of flap necked chameleons becuase i would definitly love to have one.

John Price

Hey Mike,The chameleons arrived in perfect condition! Already eating and drinking!

Katie Russell

Hi – just wanted to let you know the Ankaramy Panther Chameleon I received today is doing great already eating. I’m equally pleased with last week’s Sambava Panther Chameleon. Can’t wait to see how these guys turn out!

Aaron Paget

Mike and All at FLCHAMS, I just want to say thanks for the super service and great help you guys provide!!We are absolutely in love with our new addition Newton’s male 4 month old Veiled Chameleon. He arrived right on time and in perfect health. Many herp breeders/sales could learn a lot from you all. My next purchase will be a no-brainer to start at Flchams!!!! Thanks again for the great service and chameleon!

Zack Watson

I purchased a pair of veiled chameleons from you at the Expo in Salt Lake City this past October. The have done so well and have more than doubled their size. They are wonderful! I truly love having them, and watching them grow and eat and grow and eat!

Gary Milner

Just recieved my carpet chameleon from FL Chams and she is beautiful and in great health. Thanks

Robert Harkey

‘I recently purchased a Jackson chameleon from you and he doing greeeeaaaat! We LOVE him! When do you plan to have some of the Ambilobe or Sambava Panther Chameleons in? We named my guy ‘Toothless’ and hes completely spoiled. I want several more. ‘

Kelley Golden

We recieved our 2 baby veiled chameleons today, they’re very active and healthy. Thanks for the beautiful chameleons!

Lindsey Simpson

Hey man just wanted to say thank you for the awesome translucent veiled chameleon!

Kyle Wheatley

The veiled chameleons arrived in good health, thank you!

Zoo Torah

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