We received our translucent veiled chameleon yesterday! We took him out of the box and he was perfect! We absolutely love him. He’s very active and healthy. He’s everything we’ve been wanting. You guys are great and we will be doing business with you again. Thanks so much!!!

Lagreze Family

You are the man Mike! Those veiled chameleons are awesome exactly what i wanted and needed thank you sir !!!

Nelson Hall

Hello! I received my baby veiled chameleon 🙂 He is alive and healthy!

Becky Jordan

The Carpet Chameleons arrived safe and happy! They look good! Thank you very much!

Kenda Deford


The bearded pygmy chameleons arrived safe and sound, are drinking and exploring their terrarium 🙂

Thanks again,

Julie Yeager

Julie Yeager

The bearded pygmy chameleons are amazing! Thank you so much for these, I have been after cb babies for a while. They look active and healthy. Thanks for providing the care sheet too and consistently having bearded pygmy chameleons. I just had two babies hatch a few weeks ago from some beautiful wild caught adults I got from you a few months ago. Keep up the great work.
Sincerely, Casidhe

Casidhe Agrella

The female Jackson’s chameleons were delivered on Wednesday and Look Great!

Phil Miller

The little guy is doing great! He is eating and liking his new cage. Thanks for the healthy panther chameleon!

Wendi Coleman

Beautiful Panther Chameleon, thanks again, I know where I’ll be buying my next chameleon from! Very pleased with this little guy, lots of activity! The panther chameleon nearly jumped out the package!

Calvin Hewitt

Just letting you know the Ambilobe Panther Chameleon just arrived!
He looks great! Thank you for your help.

Shivam Patel

Thanks so much! This was for our 8 yr olds birthday. I researched for three months to find the right people to buy our veiled chameleon from, to find the right cage, the right misting equipment etc. etc. We were all ready to go when he came and he’s doing awesome. I had read he might not eat for a few days as he gets used to home. That’s not the case he’s pigging out. Thank you so much we love our new veiled chameleon addition and look forward to watching him grow. Our 8 yr old son gets up at the crack of dawn to see him and loves his new pet chameleon. Cheers

Wayne Cochran

Thanks for writing on the box, BTW.  🙂 HE IS GORGEOUS!!!!  He is a pretty boy! Just wanted to let you know.  Happy as always.  🙂

Caitlin Timlin

Hello! Just wanted to thank you for the veiled chameleon. He’s really cool and we are very happy with him! Thanks again!

Mollee Renneke

My Ambilobe Panther Chameleon arrived safe and sound! He looks great and ate as soon as he went in his enclosure. Thanks for the speedy delivery.

Robert Giroux

I’d like to thank FL Chams for the Female Panther Chameleon I purchased.  She was from the Grier Ambilobe Panther Chameleon Bloodline.  Most people mention within a few days that the reptile they receive is healthy, looks great and is eating well. I received the same however, four months later she is still healthy, eating and growing well.  Thanks FL Chams.

Stephan Butzlaff

Hey guys I just wanted to say if anyone is looking to get a Chameleon I would HIGHLY recommend going with FL CHAMS! They have done a truly amazing job dealing with my order in a prompt professional way! So if your thinking about it DONT WORY you wont regret it! Thanks again to everyone at FL CHAMS! YOU ROCK!

Aaron Blaine

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